Pets Welcome

Our Pet Policy

At Hotel Denver your furry friend will receive the same welcoming hospitality as you do. Thrill your pooch with a walk to our neighboring parks, or ask us about the pet-friendly hikes nearby.  In order to ensure that a pet-friendly room is reserved, please notify us in advance. Pets cannot be accommodated in all rooms. There is a maximum of two pets per room.

We do not charge additional fees for pets to stay. We do require that the owner of the pet understand and sign an agreement to be a responsible owner.

Agreement Items

  • If you believe your pet will not be disruptive to others, you may leave them in the hotel room, provided you leave a cell phone number with the Front Desk for immediate contact if there is a problem.
  • If we are unable to resolve a problem with an immediate cell phone contact with you, we will contact the local Animal Control to remove the animal(s) from the premises.
  • If more than one noise or other problem occurs, you will be asked to check out without a refund.
  • Any damage to the room or furniture caused by your pet will be charged to your credit card.
  • All pets must be leashed at all times on the property in public areas.
  • If your pet is left in the room unattended as a safety precaution Hotel Denver staff will not enter your room.

Our goal at the Hotel Denver is to allow you to enjoy your pet during your time with us while providing a quiet and safe environment for your fellow guests. For more information about our Glenwood Springs pet friendly hotel, please phone us at 800-826-8820.