Memories of The Hotel Denver

  • “In the 1950s my family either drove to GS or took the train. We got off the train and went right into The Denver or parked the car someplace which I don’t remember! We loved it. Big adventure to eat in the restaurant which my memory says was very good. There was always a relish tray first which I remember was exciting to me! Then we walked over the bridge to the pool. Great summer vacations in GS and the Hotel Denver! I am now far away in KC MO and miss the adventure.”

    – Maureen H Loyacono

  • “I have many memories of stays at the hotel, but woulld like to share two favorites: 1) After a day of wine tasting in Palisade, and while a guest of the hotel, I proposed to my now wife of 13 years on the footbridge overlooking the hot springs. 2) Our entire family spent New Year’s Eve at the hotel. We planned a midnight toast in our room. Minutes to midnight, my mother-in-law stumbled into the room with a stranger she’s met downstairs at the brewery, whom she’d brought up to share a New Year’s kiss!

    – Dan Berry


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