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Downtown Glenwood Springs Has a lot to Offer!

We love being downtown.  Downtown Glenwood Springs is a vibrant gateway to all of the things to do here just steps from our hotel! Here are some of the things we love about our downtown home.  The Colorado River – The fifth longest river in the country runs right through our town. The Colorado River begins […]

Founder History: Art Kendrick

We have a great deal of information about how multiple generations of the Bosco family established and operated the Star Hotel, the predecessor to The Hotel Denver. In honor of our 100th Anniversary, we have been researching the other key pioneer that created The Hotel Denver as well as a lot of Glenwood Springs history; […]

Founder History: The Bosco Family of Glenwood Springs

If the walls of The Hotel Denver could talk, they would tell stories of immigrant struggles, Prohibition, two world wars, a shooting or two, and of the good times as well. The Bosco family, founders of The Star Hotel and later The Hotel Denver, were several generations of real people who lived through these times […]

Take a Tour of Our Rooms at The Hotel Denver

Hi I am Roxie coming to you today from the Hotel Denver in Glenwood Springs Colorado. We are celebrating a 100 years of history this year in 2015. Over those years we have taken the time and created some amazing rooms. In those rooms you will see cozy quilts, unique antiques, you’ll also find today’s […]

The Story of Diamond Jack Alterie

At The Hotel Denver, we frequently get questions about “the bullet hole”. There were actually two, both inflicted by Diamond Jack Alterie, a Chicago gangster with numerous aliases including Two-Gun Louis, Louis Alterie, Leland Vrain, and Kid Haynes. Kid Haynes was the name used when he fought in small-town prize rings as a heavyweight. In […]

Our Bosco Tourism Business of the Year Award!

We are thrilled to have been named the 2013 Bosco Tourism Business of the Year here in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We know it wouldn’t be possible without the consistent, day-in-day-out attention to detail that every single one of our staff carries out! Winning an award of this stature does not come about without a total […]

Penthouse Suite Gets Refreshed!

Perched atop the Hotel Denver, looking out over the Colorado River and dew kissed east entrance to Glenwood Canyon, the newly refreshed Penthouse at the Hotel Denver is truly the best bird-eye guestroom view in Glenwood Springs. (more…)

The Story Behind the Newcomer in Our Lobby

Originally purchased from Sears Roebuck for a reported $29.95, the organ in our lobby now was a wedding gift to Nellie Reagle in 1908 from her parents. Nellie lived for a few years in Valentine, Nebraska, before she and her husband loaded their belongings (including the organ) into a wagon and came to Colorado to […]