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Jul 02 2015

Art Kendrick and The Hotel Denver

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We have a great deal of information about how multiple generations of the Bosco family established and operated the Star Hotel, the predecessor to The Hotel Denver. In honor of our 100th Anniversary, we have been researching the other key pioneer that created The Hotel Denver, Art Kendrick. In 1938, competitors and friends Mike Bosco […]

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May 27 2015

The Story of Diamond Jack Alterie

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At The Hotel Denver, we frequently get questions about “the bullet hole”. There were actually two, both inflicted by Diamond Jack Alterie, a Chicago gangster with numerous aliases including Two-Gun Louis, Louis Alterie, Leland Vrain, and Kid Haynes. Kid Haynes was the name used when he fought in small-town prize rings as a heavyweight. In […]

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Mar 05 2013

The History of our “Denver” Rooms

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The group of rooms we call “Denver Rooms” are relatively new construction. An old building was demolished, and after 288 days of construction, the 17 new Denver Rooms were completed. Completion was August 2001, 11 days before the 911 tragedy. The Denver rooms line the entire eastern (Denver-side, thus the name) face of The Hotel […]

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Jan 21 2013

The evolution of our rooms

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The Owner / Operator of our hotel, April Carver, gives us valuable insights in this edition of our blog! Back in 1914 when the Hotel Denver was conceived, small rooms were the norm. The typical traveler at that time was a business man or a couple on holiday. Silver kings built the hotel across the […]

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Aug 03 2011

Tom Mix Was Here!

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Now, there is a classic canvas movie poster hanging in The Loft; our 3rd floor meeting room.  It is a canvas painting of Tom Mix.  He came to Glenwood Springs to film “The Great K & A Train Robbery” in 1926.  Tom Mix’s horse, also in the painting was known as, “Tony the Wonder Horse.”

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